The Resilient Organization

Putting Energy back into your New Work/Life Blend

How Are You Doing During
These Challenging Times?

The Resilient Organization was designed to help you move past 2020 and into future years with PURPOSE and a PLAN. This program is perfect for individuals and organizations that want to model resilient living and put energy back into their work/life blend.

If you or your team need an energy boost and are tired of trying to keep your “head above water” this powerful self-directed course can get you feeling alive and resilient.

A Self-Directed 8 Module Program

Designed With You In Mind

Module 1

Clearing mental clutter is powerful. Why? Because the clearer that you are about exactly what it is you want, the more your brain knows how to get there. We show you 5 routines to clear mental clutter and get you closer to feeling more alive and mentally clear.

Module 2

Your career and how it’s working for you
Does your career inspire you? We show you how working inspired and doing what you are passionate about leads to increased happiness. Don’t be busy, be productive!

Module 3

Relationships made easy-er
The Relationship Module is intended to help you shift your relationships upward on the scale, improving them with these simple tools. As you begin this module, we invite you to choose one relationship you have in your life with another human that you would like to improve.

Module 4

Life is a balance between rest and movement. Since COVID, work and life have blended together making it hard for people to get outside and move their bodies. We help you come up with a plan to create simple habits that you will enjoy and that are good for your body.

Module 5

We all have times in our life when life is just hard. When this happens, it is not always easy to know what to do. We show you how to start your day with mindfulness, not busy-ness.

Module 6

Resilient Leadership
Let's talk about leadership. We have all known great and not-so-great leaders. We help you reflect on the leadership qualities you want to emulate. Then we focus on how to live your values every day and how that can bring more joy into your work.

Module 7

Fear is a powerful low vibration emotion. However, there are higher vibration emotions that act as antidotes and counter-act the paralyzing and debilitating effects of fear. We show you fear hacks to help you move through fear quickly and easily.

Module 8

Roadblocks That Hold You Back
Self-Doubt, Self-Sabotage and Self-Shutdown: these are the trifecta roadblocks holding you back from living the life you want and deserve. We give you simple tips to get you moving away from these self-defeating symptoms.

Delivered By
Industry Professionals

Linda Egecombe and Beth Hanishewski are experts in the field and have over 20 years of experience as speakers and trainers. Their sessions are engaging, energetic, and educational. Beth and Linda don’t just talk the talk, they demonstrate what true teamwork looks and sounds like.

You Deserve To Feel Alive

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