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Academy Deliverables:

You and Your Team will experience a variety of multi media along with group and individual activities and surveys designed to challenge how you see and do your work. Each learning point will have activities or surveys and debriefs. Specific learning outcomes will include:

  • Change, what’s really getting in the way of you moving forward? Dealing with ambiguity and the “in between aka Self-Sabotage.” Change has never been this painless!

  • Clutter, Chaos and Clarity, how we sabotage our success with every type of clutter. And how to get down to what you really want and become more accountable.

  • Fatigue, tools to re-energize and re-engage yourself and your teams. What resilient living looks like and how to model it.

  • “Can I give you some feedback?” Coaching and communication with humility and authenticity.

  • Dealing with Difficult People – how do you work with those who seem impossible?

  • Building strong teams – when personality styles clash – how do you remain productive AND friendly?

  • Leading with Values or don’t lead at all.

  • Choose a slice of the planet. Giving Back, It’s good for you and your business. Believe me your customers are noticing…

  • Laughter, this may be the best laugh you have had in a long time. Why you simply must have more fun at work.

This Online Course has been designed with You and Your Organization in mind.  Both Linda Edgecombe and Beth Hanishewski have been working with organizations for over 25 years.  They GET It!  Have seen it all and heard it all.  They also offer customization with Live Coaching Calls, for follow up and Accountability, Along with In-person workshops to get your entire Team on board.

Learn virtually- anywhere!

Same engaging content from the comfort of your home office.

What’s Inside The Alive Workplace Academy

The Alive Workplace (4)

Module 1

CLARIFY roles and expectations

 In this module you will be taking a snapshot of what’s working, what’s not working and what you can do to start to clear the clutter (Self Sabotage) and start moving towards what you “Really Want” in your Career and Your life.

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Module 2

WORK your purpose, passion, and vision

In this module you will look at the career path you are on, how to get, find or re-ignite your passion and enthusiasm for your job.  As well, how it, along with your financial health is helping create the life and lifestyle you desire. This may be the best module of the entire Academy. :o)

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Module 3

BUILD relationships that matter

In this module you will learn how to improve all of your existing relationships, examine how to use feminine and masculine energy to open up to having more conversations that matter. We want you to create your relationships to be a 10/10.  Believe us, this will transfer to your relationships outside of work as well.

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Module 4

MINDFULNESS, creativity, and innovation

In this module you will learn the absolute power of pausing to hear yourself think. Creativity, and innovation are born from learning how to trust yourself and your intuition more often and the power of what mediation, mindfulness and quieting the mind can do for your mental, emotional and physical well-being.  Increasing your bottom line results, retaining staff and feeling more content are all benefits of learning to use the power of the pause.

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Module 7

Harnessing FEAR

In this module we will examine why we allow our fears to hold us back and keep us frozen in time. Don’t worry, you and your team have got this!

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Module 5

HEALTH, wellness, and movement

In this module you will examine how you move, how you feel and create a plan around moving your body and creating the desires you want to feel in this vessel you have been given. Yes It’s time to embrace the skin you are in. Innovation happens in a healthy body.




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Module 8

The TRIFECTA of Mental Health

In this module we will look at mental health in the workplace and what we call the Alive Trifecta: self-doubt, self-sabotage, and self-shutdown. We give you simple tips to get you moving away from these self-defeating symptoms.

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Module 6

RESILIENCE in crazy times

In this module we will examine how we can bring our best self to our life and work and lead by example with intention, not by default.  How we can learn to laugh more, find more joy in even the smallest things and bring that energy and resilience to your everyday, for free.  We will be sharing our simple secretes on how you can find more peace in your everyday, regardless of how stressful your life or job is. And finally we will touch on how social responsibility is not just a good thing to do, it’s a smart thing to do.

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Call us with any questions, Linda Edgecombe 250-717-6079 | info@lindaedgecombe.com

Professional CE Credits Certificates are available for completion of this course. Ask for more details, info@lindaedgecombe.com.

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