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Take Yourself and Your Organization on an Energy Boost. Linda and Beth will Lead you through an educational, hands-on and highly humorous ride that will re-focus, re-energize and re-invent how you see your life and your work.  They will reveal their research and data collected from dozens of organizations on how Overwhelm, Distraction, and “Busy” has become the new norm and wound us into the most unproductive and basically unhappy demographic in the past 30 years. Their “no BS” and very humorous approach, stacked up with relevant and easy solutions will get your organization and teams, back on track with clear vision and tools to take back their work day and their personal lives again. And you may have the best laugh you have had in a long time. A day without laughter is a day wasted in Linda’s opinion.

The Resilient Organization would not be the same without this dynamic duo to lead it. Both ladies are experts in the field and have years of experience as speakers and trainers. Best of all their sessions are engaging, energetic, and educational. Beth and Linda don’t just talk the talk, they show participants what true teamwork looks and sounds like.


Linda Edgecombe

Linda is an award-winning Celebrity Humorist Speaker, Trainer,, and Consultant. She is a Hall of Fame Speaker who’s footprint is seen and experienced around the world. Her mission is to get people Fired up and Ready to Shift or Get off the Pot! Linda consistently motivates her audiences and shows them how they can shift their perspectives on life, work, and themselves.

She has a non-BS approach that is refreshing, engaging, and relevant. Her latest book and Ted Talk, Breaking Busy – Finding Peace in the Chaos is a complete game changer for those who want to step off the treadmill and live a resilient life.

Beth Hanishewski

Beth is an international trainer, author and coach who teaches people the art of resilient life mastery. She has shared the stage with some of the world’s top speakers including Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Lisa Nichols and Mike Dooley in Australia, the United States, and Canada.

Beth teaches people the simple secrets of life bliss and teaches powerful systems for personal and professional transformation that are innovative, and yet incredibly simple. She has been called “the Swiss Army knife of coaches” with a knack for simplifying the most complex problems into small doable steps.

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